Connemarble – its place in history

atl_floorAlong the Atlantic seaboard on the west coast of Ireland are twelve mountains that are steeped in myth and mystery. In the heart of those Twelve Bens are the green marble quarries which produce the renowned, distinctive, green Connemarble.

Stone defines Ireland’s spaces, and it is in the permanence of stone that fragments of the Irish past are recorded. Even before the Celts arrived in Ireland, Neolithic (New Stone Age) peoples were skilled in stone work. Over the years, artisans have celebrated their faith with great monuments of worked stone. Continue reading

Time is in Connemarble

tapistryOur space and time are not real, tangible entities.

It is we who give life and meaning to their tyrannical dimensions, confirming and adapting them to our pleasure. From this point of view, the cognition of time, interpreted as a realisation that it never stands
still, is indispensable because it conditions our awareness of objects, their uses and their physical reality.
This cognition or total awareness of an “existential substance” manifests itself inside of us, when
an object is ‘digested’ within us. Along with its shape, function and the material it is made of. Continue reading